Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Karan spots Adi’s lookalike Yug

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Karan spots Adi’s lookalike Yug

Mihika tells them that Alia has saved a fast. Anybody is stunned. Raman loses his cool and asks why did she keep rapid for a work deal? Mihika exhibits that Alia had kept a quick for Rohan. She says that Alia prayed for Rohan’s early release from the jail and desired to speedy for him. Rohan overhears the conversation. Raman tells Ishita the whole lot is Rohan’s fault. Ishita asks Rohan to get electral for Alia.
Rohan rushes to the chemist’s keep. Not able to discover the chemist, Rohan grabs the entire garage of medicine field and incorporates it returned domestic. When he reaches home, all people laughs seeing his circumstance. Ishita however, specializes in giving remedy to Alia.

On the workplace, Ruhi and Karan have a clash of mind whilst hiring an employee. However, he seems to get along side Ruhi and suggests having lunch together. Ruhi refutes the concept. Karan orders the meals to be fed to the terrible as Ruhi refused to have lunch. Ruhi is greatly surprised to peer Karan’s trade of coronary heart. She asks him considering whilst did he begin to reflect onconsideration on the negative.

Yug’s buddy seems to be the hired worker in Ruhi’s office. Out of doors the workplace, Karan spots Yug and his buddy. He’s stunned to look Yug and thinks of informing his mom.Yug thinks about the time whilst he become spotted through Ishita after he went to meet Aalia. The cops knock the door and Yug thinks they are making a mistake. He sees Ishita and Shagun accommodations a complaint in opposition to him for stalking Aalia. Yug pleads and says that he made no mistake and didn’t stalk all people. Ishita shouts at him pronouncing she wouldn’t allow him to disturb Aalia.

Lower back within the health facility, Raman and Aalia go to Sudha. The doctors inform that she’s solid. Karan and Rohan study that Raman had despatched the high-quality heart specialist to test up on Sudha. They thank him.

Shagun receives restraining orders against Yug. It says that Yug shouldn’t be visible everywhere round Aalia. Shagun and Ishita talk about Yug’s man or woman.
Yug feels helpless in the prison as no person is inclined to listen his side. He gets beaten up and pleads innocence.

Sudha profits cognizance and wishes each her sons to come domestic. While Karan is of the same opinion, Rohan looks disturbed. Karan tells Rohan not to offer her pressure. Karan pleads and even Aalia thinks it’ll be quality for his mom. Rohan doesn’t want to leave Aalia as Sudha gained’t receive her.
Raman and Ishita aid Aalia to move into Sudha’s home with Rohan. Karan tells his mother the same. Sudha doesn’t appearance happy.

Yug well-knownshows that he didn’t visit meet Aalia with any wrong intentions, as a substitute he went there to tell approximately Karan’s provide. Now, all Yug wishes is to ruin Ishita and her family. He seeks revenge for being wrongly arrested.

Aalia is tired of seeking to make all of us apprehend about Adi. Aalia thinks why their family can’t believe that their son is again. Aalia gets a call from the office and Adi desires to go out together with her. Yug calls Karan and wonders how his aunt and uncle changed the tale. Karan tells him that he convinced them and attempts to create a false impression between Raman and Ishita.

Seeing Aalia and Yug exit, Ishita stops them. Raman however, lets in them. Raman desires to cope with the problem well. Ruhi and Shagun wonder that this is making their dad and mom fight.Ishita feels horrific approximately talking rudely to Raman and he or she speaks her coronary heart out to can visit this site Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Seeing Aalia disillusioned, Yug tries to cheer her up by means of taking her to a candy floss stall. He impresses her by using making the sweet floss himself. Aalia professes her love for him and hugs him. Ishita, Ruhi, Karan and Rohan spot them together.

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