Liveu Breaks Its Global Transmission Record

Liveu Breaks Its Global Transmission Record

The Weather Channel, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NBC, and CBS (and some more!) have been covering Hurricane Irma more than ever. What’s more, these kinds of live records of the tempest would have never been conceivable with customary telecom strategies like Satellite.

Toward the day’s end, it is remarkable having the option to cover a tempest like this from the focal point – both as far as having the option to bear to have such a significant number of columnists and in light of the fact that there would have been no real way to cover it with conventional SAT.

With LiveU innovation, telecasters had the option to impart live feeds to stations far and wide – from helicopters to automatons to camera administrators on the ground, directly from the eye of the tempest. The concurrent utilization of correspondents in various areas was likewise one of a kind.

We saw that at one point 18 CNN units were communicating live at the same time from various areas in Florida including the Florida Keys, Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. In a circumstance like this, a group would have needed to withdraw and hold up out the tempest or discover an area to transmit film subsequent to shooting a fragment – deferring content from being communicated continuously or from areas where the visuals would be all the more dominant.

Presently correspondents and teams are catching mind blowing live substance amid the most vital minutes and from interesting vantage purposes of a tempest and sharing it live with the world – conveying it quickly over IP to numerous news outlets both on the web and on TV.

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