Magnetic phone holder: convenient but safe?

Magnetic phone holder: convenient but safe?

I have a long time with car phone holders. I also had plastic snakes, and small cases that shattered the entire windshield. And while all of them pretended to be universal, convenience was lacking. So I knew I had nothing to lose when I received a suggestion to test my magnetic phone holder. It can’t be worse. And I stayed, to say the least, surprised.

Most of all because I didn’t know about them before. I’m trying! I have received two Satechi Magnetic Phone Holders for testing. One of them is a small pocket holder that is attached to the ventilation hole (like some air fresheners, not its plastic plugs, but rubber). The other had a more sophisticated fastening mechanism: it had to be inserted into the car’s CD player.

Before using them, a special metal plate (included in the package) had to be attached to the phone or its case. To avoid damaging the phone, I decided to stick it to the tray. There was no problem with inserting the first one, the smaller one, and the whole thing, just put on the phone and drive. Its biggest drawback is that it is not possible to adjust the position of the phone.

In addition, as I use a tabletop, I was afraid he would not fall or break the ventilation grille. Especially when driving on a gravel road or in keeping with a speed reduction roller. But at least until you’ve used anything wrong did not happen. The larger magnetic holder not only has an adjustable “head” (so the phone can be tilted at the desired angle), wager and keeps it much stronger. True, the first time you tried to insert it into the CD slot I had to get tired – he was reluctant to go there.

The Wager narrow slot eventually became a solid support base. And if this hole is wider, the package comes with tools to secure the bracket. The trunk can have one holder: it is completely dependent on where the CD hole is located. For example, if it is in an awkward place, navigation will be one of the most difficult to use. Or, if it is mounted between frequently used buttons (such as player control, alarm, etc.), the phone will hide them.

Guess in any case, the possibility of just pulling the phone out of it just to put it on the bracket is the gold value. Wouldn’t it hurt? There is one more question: does the magnet harm the “lax” or screen of the phone? According to the experts, this would not happen – the old technique (eg CRT monitors, Floppy floppy disks, etc.) was more sensitive to magnets. And for modern smart phones and computers, magnets used in the home should not harm.

However, it does not offer special storage for a long time in the phone’s magnet pile (or on an extremely strong magnet), as magnetic fields can temporarily affect the operation of the digital compass and magnetometer. And even if you do not use the compass itself, there are software tools for which these sensor data are extremely can check here infomation about telefonu deklai.

It is also possible to find on the internet users’ reports that magnetic phones do not like cordless phones. Maniskis does not have this function and, at least during the testing period, there were no problems. In short, these holders are designed for phones and should not hurt them. However, there is no shame on the reserve, so before buying, I would suggest checking that the phone is not allergic to magnets, such as a souvenir from the refrigerator.